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Activating a Product

Last Modified: January 4, 2019

Use NI License Manager to start NI Licensing Wizard to activate software products at work and home without having to open the software.

Before using your product, you must activate it in accordance with its license agreement. To activate a product, you must first purchase a license. For information on purchasing licenses, contact your local NI sales representative or visit the NI Worldwide Offices web page. If you do not have a NI User Account, visit the MyNI Dashboard and create one.
  • If your NI software is licensed through a volume license agreement, you do not need to activate your product. Instead, you need to point NI License Manager to a volume license server.
  • For home use through a volume license agreement, request a license file from your volume license administrator.

Use NI License Manager to activate your NI software:

  1. In the General section, click Activate Software.
  2. Enter your NI User Account credentials and click Log in. The Licensing Wizard verifies licenses associated with your account.
    1. If the Licensing Wizard successfully verifies the licenses associated with your account, activation completes.
    2. If your account lacks the appropriate licenses, proceed to the next step.
    3. If the connection to your NI User Account fails or times out, try again or proceed to the next step.

    If you are unable to log in to your NI User Account, you cannot activate your products using identity-based licenses or serial numbers. You must use an activation code. Follow the instructions provided by the Licensing Wizard to activate using an activation code.

  3. Enter the serial numbers of the products you are activating. You can find your serial number in the following locations:
    • On the Certificate of Ownership included in your software kit
    • On the product packing slip or shipping label
    • On a previously installed version of your application software, by selecting Help»About

    Visit the NI Info Codes web page and enter the Info Code SerialNumbers_en for the latest information regarding locating a serial number

  4. Click Activate.
  5. Follow the prompts in the wizard to complete activation.

    If you were using NI software before you began the activation process, you may need to restart the software.

You can use your product immediately after activation.

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