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Automating Product Activation

Last Modified: April 23, 2020

If you are a license administrator, or are responsible for transferring NI products to end users, you can automate product activation and add volume license servers.

To do so, run NI License Manager from the command line or from a batch file using NILicensingCmd.exe.

The path for NILicensingCmd.exe is as follows:
  • For 32-bit computers: Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\License Manager\NILicensingCmd.exe
  • For 64-bit computers: Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Shared\License Manager\NILicensingCmd.exe

If you have numerous licenses to activate, consider using NI Volume License Manager with a Volume License Agreement. For more information, visit the NI Volume License Program for Software web page.

Product Activation Command-Line Flags

Below is a table containing common command-line flags associated with product activation. You can see descriptions of the NI License Manager command-line flags by entering the command NILicensingCmd.exe /help.

Flag Description Syntax Example(s)

Launches the Activate Software window.

This command is equivalent to clicking the Activate Software button in NI License Manager.

NILicensingCmd.exe /activateall /serialnumber <serial number> NILicensingCmd.exe /activateall /serialnumber A11B11C11
/activate /type package

Launches the Activate Software window with a preselected package or family.

These commands are equivalent to right-clicking on a product or family in NI License Manager and selecting Activate Software.

NILicensingCmd.exe /activate /type package /name <packagename> /version <version> /serialnumber <serial number> NILicensingCmd.exe /activate /type package /name LabVIEW_PDS_PKG /version 17.0000 /serialnumber A111A1A11
/activate /type family NILicensingCmd.exe /activate /type family /name <familyname> /serialnumber <serial number> NILicensingCmd.exe /activate /type family /name LabVIEW_ADE_170000 /serialnumber A12B12345

Activates a product silently.

You can only use the /silent flag with the /activate flag. The /silent flag is the first parameter you pass in the command line.

This command requires an Internet connection that allows access to the NI website over an encrypted web connection (https).

Serial numbers are optional for silent activation. If you log into your NI User Account before running command-line arguments, NI License Manager checks your account for any necessary product licenses.

Silent activation will fail if:
  • You enter incorrect or incomplete information, such as an invalid serial number
  • You are not already logged in to your account
  • You have conflicting licenses associated with your account
  • You do not have the necessary licenses associated with your account and did not pass any serial numbers as parameters

If silent activation fails, no error message will appear so that your remaining automation scripts are not interrupted. You must activate manually before you can use your software.

NILicensingCmd.exe /silent /activate /type package /name <packagename> /version <version> /serialnumber <serial number> NILicensingCmd.exe /silent /activate /type package /name LabVIEW_PDS_PKG /version 9.0000 /serialnumber A111A1A11

Silently points a computer to a volume license server to check out licenses.

This command is equivalent to selecting »Manage Volume License Servers to add a volume license server.

NILicensingCmd.exe /addservers servername[:portnumber][,servername[:portnumber],...]
  • NILicensingCmd.exe /addservers server1
  • NILicensingCmd.exe /addservers server1:28000
  • NILicensingCmd.exe /addservers server1:28000,server2

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