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Launching the Soft Front Panels

Last Modified: November 26, 2019

You can launch the instrument Soft Front Panels (SFPs) from Measurements Live.

To open Measurements Live, go directly to After you open Measurements Live, follow the onscreen instructions to connect to the NI ELVIS III and launch the desired SFP.


If you want to use the Logic Analyzer and Pattern Generator (Logic) or connect to the NI ELVIS III via USB, you must first install the SFPs to your host computer. Open Measurements Live from your Windows desktop or macOS Launchpad.

Using Measurements Live, you can connect to and control the NI ELVIS III anywhere and from any device that has internet connection. For example, you can open Measurements Live from your smart phone and control an NI ELVIS III in the school lab to generate a sine waveform. Note that you need a real-time device ID to establish the connection between your device and the NI ELVIS III. Lab administrators can set up a custom signaling server to allow students to get the device ID remotely.

By default, the SFPs stay in the same browser window, which allows you to view and configure all open SFPs in one place. You can change the layout of the SFPs by dragging and dropping them to the positions you want. You can also open an SFP in a separate browser window if you want to focus your work on one single SFP.

If you are using Measurements Live for the first time, read through the following sections to find answers to commonly raised questions.

How Do I Rearrange My SFPs?

You can rearrange the SFPs within the browser window to get a better layout. Click the icon on the top left side of an SFP and drag and drop it to the position you want. Large SFPs such as the Oscilloscope are always located to the left of small SFPs such as the Variable Power Supplies (VPS). Your window size decides whether the SFPs are arranged vertically or horizontally.

How Do I Open an SFP in a Separate Window?

If you want to focus your work on one single SFP, click the icon on the top left side of the SFP and then click . The SFP pops up in a separate browser window. To restore your SFP to the original window, close the SFP and launch it again.

How Do I Save My Data?

You can export data and take screenshots for all open SFPs simultaneously by clicking the buttons on the top right side of Measurements Live. Note that you cannot export data when the SFPs are running. For SFPs opened in separate windows, you must save their data respectively.

Why Can't I Export Certain Types of Files for an SFP?

Refer to Data Import and Export for detailed information about the file types that each SFP supports.

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