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DAQmx Add Network Device (G Dataflow)

Last Modified: July 19, 2019

Adds a Network cDAQ device to the system and, if specified, attempts to reserve it.


device IP address/hostname

device IP address/hostname specifies the string containing the IP address (in dotted decimal notation) or hostname of the device to add to the system.


attempt device reservation?

attempt device reservation? indicates if a reservation should be attempted after the device is successfully added. By default, this parameter is set to false.


MAX automatically attempts to reserve a device when the device is added, but this node does not.


device name

device name indicates the name to assign to the device. If unspecified, NI-DAQmx chooses the device name.



timeout specifies the time in seconds to wait for the device to respond before timing out.


error in

error in describes error conditions that occur before this node runs. This input provides standard 'error in' functionality.


dev out

dev out is the name of the device the operation applied to.


error out

error out contains error information. If error in indicates that an error occurred before this node ran, error out contains the same error information. Otherwise, error out describes the error status that this node produces.

Where This Node Can Run:

Desktop OS: Windows

FPGA: LabVIEW NXG does not support FPGA devices

Web Server: Not supported in VIs that run in a web application

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