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What You Need to Get Started

Last Modified: February 23, 2021

Depending on your application, you may require a different variation of the items listed below. Contact NI to help you determine which variation your application requires.

Table 1. mmWave OTA Validation Test Reference Architecture Components
Component Kit Contents NI Part Number
mmWave OTA Validation Anechoic Chamber[1] Laser Alignment Kit
Dual-Polarized Measurement Antenna Fixture
DRH50 Dual Ridge Horn Antenna Fixture
mmWave OTA Validation Accessories Kit PXIe-6361 Multifunction I/O Module p/n 781055-01
SHC68-C68-RDIO2 Digital Cable p/n 186380E-02
Dual-Polarized Measurement Antenna p/n 754959-01
DRH50 Dual Ridge Horn Antenna p/n 754960-01
3 dB 2.4 mm attenuator (x4) p/n 614224-01
1.85 mm (m)-to-1.85 mm (m) cable, 8 in. (x4) p/n 769636-0R200
2.4 mm (m)-to-2.4 mm (m) cable, 48 in. (x2) p/n 769753-1219
2.4 mm (m)-to-2.4 mm (m) flexible cable, 48 in. (x2) p/n 769754-1219
Ethernet cable
SMA (m)-to-SMA (m) cable, 48 in. (x4) p/n 769755-048
2.4 mm (f)-to-2.4 mm (f) adapter p/n 773509-01
SMA (f)-to-2.4 mm (f) adapter p/n 773584-01
mmWave OTA Validation CATR Kit 2.92 mm (m)-to-2.4 mm (f) adapter (x4) p/n 755384-01

Required Instrumentation

  • PXIe-5831 Vector Signal Transceiver—IF and mmWave instrument configuration with two mmRH-5582 modules (direct TRX ports only)
  • PXIe-1092 or PXIe-1095 PXI Chassis
  • PXI Express embedded controller or MXI controller system that meets the system requirements specified in the chassis documentation.
  • AC power cable

Optional Items

  • 0.9 N · m (8 lb · in.) calibrated torque wrench, 5/16 in. (NI p/n 751120-01)

Required Software

To use the mmWave OTA Validation Test Software, you must also install NI ADEs, driver software, and application software. Refer to the mmWave OTA Validation Test Software Readme at for information about required software and compatible software versions.

Required Software for Instrumentation

The following instruments require specific driver software that is not installed with the mmWave OTA Validation Test Software. Refer to the instrument documentation available at for more information about installing required driver software.

  • 1 If you have requested that your DFF chamber be converted to a CATR chamber, NI services personnel will install the components included in your mmWave OTA Validation CATR Kit.

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