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Palette Taxonomy for Distributed APIs

Last Modified: February 27, 2020

Refer to the following table for best practices for palette taxonomy.

Guideline Required or Recommended? Details Example(s)

Make the root palette easy to browse.


Seven to 10 categories allows for full-size icons in a single-column layout.


Design a structure that can expand beyond the original size of the root palette for nodes you may develop in the future.



Make palettes for similar categories consistent.



Across different palettes, such as numeric, string, file, and so on, that have a constants palette, similarly organize all the constants palettes.

Add synonyms or keywords to your palettes to improve the findability of your VIs.


N/A Mathematicians commonly refer to the functionality of the Quotient and Remainder node as mod. Make sure mod is a keyword for Quotient and Remainder so that a search for mod returns that node.

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