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Viewing and Analyzing Data

Last Modified: December 20, 2016

Viewing data in different formats can provide insight into trends or outliers in the data. You can view and perform initial analysis on data in several ways.

  • View a Single Data Item—Double-click the data item in the Captured Data tab to view the data in a graph, statistics, or table form.
  • View a Data Item on the Panel—Drag the data item to the panel and automatically create a control with the data in it for you to view. You can also drag the item to an existing control of the same data type to populate that control with the data.
  • View Data in External Applications—Export to a comma-separated values (.csv) or Technical Data Management Streaming (.tdms) file to view the data in external spreadsheet or data analysis applications. Right-click the data item in the Captured Data tab and select Export to CSV File or Export to TDMS File to export the data.

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