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Searches a string for the next token, where a token is defined as either the next set of characters that appears before a specified delimiter or one of a specified set of operators.


allow empty tokens?

A Boolean specifying whether an empty token exists between consecutive delimiters.

TRUE The node returns an empty string for token string when it encounters a pair of consecutive delimiters.
FALSE The node considers consecutive delimiters to be a single delimiter and therefore never returns an empty string as a token.

Default: FALSE


input string

The string to scan for tokens.



The number of characters into the input string at which this node begins its operation.

The offset of the first character in the input string is 0.

If offset is beyond the end of the input string, this node returns an empty string.

Default: 0



An array of strings that this node identifies as tokens when they appear in input string, even if they are not surrounded by delimiters.

Available Format Specifiers



An array of strings that act as separators between tokens. The node does not return these strings as tokens but instead uses these strings to determine where tokens begin and end.

Default: White space characters — space, tab, linefeed, and carriage return


use cached delimiter and operator data?

A Boolean specifying whether the node uses saved values for delimiters and operators, thereby improving string parsing performance.Set this input to TRUE only if delimiters and operators have not changed since the last time this node executed.

TRUE The node uses the delimiters and operators from the most recent time this node executed.
FALSE The node uses the values wired to delimiters and operators.

Default: FALSE


string out

The same string as input string, unchanged.


offset past token

The index in input string of the first character following the token and any trailing delimiters.

If offset is less than 0 or greater than the number of characters in input string, or if the end of the string was reached, this output is -1.

To continue searching for more tokens in input string, use this value as offset the next time you call this node.


token string

The first token in input string following offset. This output is either all text that appears between two delimiters or one of the strings specified by operators.


token index

The index in operators of token string if token string matches one of the elements in operators.

If token string is any other string, token index returns -1. If the node reaches the end of input string without finding any valid operator, token index returns -2.