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Converts a numeric value to a string that shows the number's engineering format.

Engineering format is similar to exponential format, except the exponent is a multiple of three (..., -3, 0, 3, 6, ...).



A number to be converted into a string.

This input can also be any data type that contains only numbers, such as an array of numbers or a cluster of numbers.



A number specifying how many characters to use to express number as a string.

If width is less than the number of characters required, this node uses exactly as many characters as needed. If width is greater than the number of characters required, this node adds a space on the left side of the output string for each additional character.

Default: No value — Exactly as many characters as are needed to represent the number, with no extra padding.



A number specifying the number of digits after the decimal point in the output string. The node rounds number to this decimal place.

Default: 0


use system decimal point?

A Boolean specifying whether to use the system decimal separator to designate a decimal point.

TRUE This node uses the localized decimal separator.
FALSE This node uses a period as the decimal separator.

Default: FALSE


engineering string

number represented as an engineering string.