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Inserts an element or subarray into an array at the index you specify.



The array in which you want to insert an element, row, column, page, and so on. This input is an n-dimension array of any type.



Point in the array at which you want to insert the element, row, column, page, and so on. This node automatically provides an index input for each dimension of the array. You can wire only one index input.

If index is larger than the array size, the node does not insert anything into the input array.

Default: new element or subarray appends to the end of array.


new element or subarray

The element or array that replaces an element, row, column, or page in the array specified in array.

The base data type of the new element or subarray must be the same type as the input array.

Data Type Changes on FPGA


output array

The array with the inserted element(s), row(s), column(s), or page(s).