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IVI Digital Multimeter Interchangeability Info (G Dataflow)

Last Modified: September 7, 2018

Get interchangeability information about your digital multimeter.

Returns the interchangeability warnings associated with the IVI session. It retrieves and clears the oldest instance in which the class driver recorded an interchangeability warning. Interchangeability warnings indicate that using your application with a different instrument might cause different behavior. You use this node to retrieve interchangeability warnings. The class driver performs interchangeability checking when the IviDmm>>Inherent IVI Settings>>User Options>>Interchange Check property is set to TRUE and you call one of the following nodes: IviDmm Initiate IviDmm Fetch IviDmm Fetch Multiple Point [MP] The node returns an empty string in the Interchange Warning parameter if no interchangeability warnings remain for the session. Interchangeability checking examines the properties in a capability group only if you specify a value for at least one property within that group. In general, the class driver generates interchangeability warnings when it encounters one of the following conditions: (1) An property that affects the behavior of the instrument is in a state that you did not specify. (2) You set a class-defined property to an instrument-specific value. (3) You set the value of an property that the class driver defines as read-only. (4) The class driver encounters an error when it tries to apply a value to an extension property that your program never configures.
The class driver performs interchangeability checking if the IviDmm>>Inherent IVI Settings>>User Options>>Interchange Check property is set to TRUE. This node clears the list of current interchange warnings.
When developing a complex test system that consists of multiple test modules, it is generally a good idea to design the test modules so that they can run in any order. To do so requires ensuring that each test module completely configures the state of each instrument it uses. If a particular test module does not completely configure the state of an instrument, the state of the instrument depends on the configuration from a previously executed test module. If you execute the test modules in a different order, the behavior of the instrument and therefore the entire test module is likely to change. This change in behavior is generally instrument specific and represents an interchangeability problem. You can use this node to test for such cases. After you call this node, the interchangeability checking algorithms in the specific driver ignore all previous configuration operations. By calling this node at the beginning of a test module, you can determine whether the test module has dependencies on the operation of previously executed test modules. This node does not clear the interchangeability warnings from the list of previously recorded interchangeability warnings. If you want to guarantee that the IviDmm Get Next Interchange Warning Node only returns those interchangeability warnings that are generated after calling this node, you must clear the list of interchangeability warnings. You can clear the interchangeability warnings list by repeatedly calling the IviDmm Get Next Interchange Warning Node until no more interchangeability warnings are returned. If you are not interested in the content of those warnings, you can call the IviDmm Clear Interchange Warnings Node.

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