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Customizing Waveform Channels and Triggers

Last Modified: January 3, 2019

Use the following settings to configure channels, triggers, and other parameters of the waveform generator.

Waveform Channel Settings

  • Output Impedance—Sets the output impedance value to either 50 Ω or 75 Ω.
  • Load Impedance—Sets the load impedance value to one of the following settings:
    • Match output—Matches the load impedance to the output impedance.
    • High-Z—Sets the load impedance to high impedance.
    • Custom—Sets the load impedance to a custom value, in ohms.
  • Digital Filter—Enables or disables the digital filter. The digital filter increases the effective sampling rate by providing points that interpolate between generated samples.
  • Analog Filter—Enables or disables the analog filter. The analog filter is applied after the interpolated signal, and, when combined with the digital filter, can remove high-frequency images from the frequency domain.
  • Terminal config.—Returns the terminal configuration for the waveform generator. Most waveform generators support only one option (differential or single-ended).

Waveform General Settings

  • Waveform—Sets the type of waveform to generate if you are generating a standard waveform.
    • If you select User-defined, you must load a waveform file. User-defined waveform file must be in CSV format.
    • Different waveform types have different configurable settings.
  • Sample Rate—Sets the sample rate of an arbitrary waveform.

Waveform Trigger Settings

  • Trigger Mode—Sets the mode for triggering arbitrary waveform generation.

    For more information on arbitrary waveform trigger modes, refer to Advanced Waveform Sequencing and Triggering on Arbitrary Waveform Generators at

  • Trigger Type—Sets the trigger type to one of the following values:
    • Immediate—Triggers waveform generation as soon as you run the waveform generator.
    • Software—Triggers waveform generation according to settings in an external application.
    • Digital edge—Triggers waveform generation on the rising edge of a specified source terminal. The source terminal must export a signal to use digital edge triggering.

Hardware Event Output Terminals

These settings determine to which chassis terminal(s) hardware events are exported.

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