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Package Dependencies

    Last Modified: November 26, 2019

    In projects, a package dependency is a package installed on the development system and used in the project.

    The Package Dependencies document ( .sls) stores a list of packages a project uses so you can set up a development system with the required packages. With the Package Dependencies document, you can do the following:
    • Share a project that allows a recipient to easily set up their development system with the package dependencies of the project.
    • Create a project that serves as a template. Other developers can use the template project to set up their development system and begin development of the project.
    • Update the list of package dependencies any time you add a package dependency to the project. Share the updated list with other developers so they can see new package dependencies you add to the project.

    The Package Dependencies document is a Salt State file (.sls). For more information about Salt States, visit the SaltStack Documentation website and search for the SALT.STATE.PKG state module.

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