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Saving and Compiling

    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    User Programs save as .fsp files from the Functional Safety Editor. When you click the Compile button, the editor and compiler generate multiple files. All the generated files will share the filename assigned to the .fsp file.

    • <filename>.json—Human-readable file that inputs to the compiler. Review this file for correctness.
    • <filename>.bin—Compiled User Program that is generated by the compiler from the JSON. Download this file to the module from the LabVIEW project.
    • <filename>_errors.json—Lists any errors generated by the compiler. This file populates the Errors and Warnings pane. This file is also human-readable and you can review this file for errors.
    • <filename>_report.log—Lists additional information about the compiled User Program. You can review this file to verify the channel and fault configurations in your User Program.

    You must download the binary User Program file to the C Series Functional Safety module from the properties dialogue of a target module in a project in LabVIEW.

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