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    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    You can set a hysteresis range that applies to all configured thresholds on an analog input configuration.

    Figure 1. Hysteresis

    Refer to the following guidelines when setting a hysteresis value for your analog configurations:

    • The hysteresis range affects both the rising edge and the falling edge of the incoming signal. A hysteresis value of 0.100 mA filters the incoming signal between +0.100 mA and -0.100 mA of each configured threshold value.
      Figure 2. Hysteresis Range for Input Signals
    • The User Program applies the hysteresis value to all four thresholds. The hysteresis range of one threshold can not overlap the hysteresis range of another threshold.
    • In dual input and triple input configurations, the hysteresis and threshold values apply to every channel in that configuration.

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