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Hardware Requirements

    Last Modified: May 15, 2018

    • Follow all documented installation instructions, connection guidelines, and operating requirements for C Series Functional Safety modules and CompactRIO controllers employed in the safety system.
    • Apply the De-Energize to Trip principle to all external circuits connected to the C Series Functional Safety module.
    • You must use a limited power source (LPS) supply suitable to the safety needs and configuration of the implemented system. Implement one of the following options to ensure continued compliance with IEC 61010-1.

      • The Vsup must be powered from a Class 2 or Limited Power Source (LPS), SELV source, 30 V DC maximum.
      • The Vsup must be powered from a SELV source, 30 V DC maximum, with supplementary overcurrent protection in series, 8 A maximum breaking capacity at 120 s.
      • The C Series Functional Safety module and associated controller must be installed in an end-use fire enclosure.

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