CompactDAQ is a portable, rugged DAQ platform that integrates connectivity and signal conditioning into modular I/O for directly interfacing to any sensor or signal. From in-vehicle data logging to benchtop research, the breadth of bus, chassis, controller, and I/O conditioning options combined with the customizable nature of LabVIEW software provide the best solution to meet the needs of any medium-channel-count application.

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Sensor-Based I/O Modules

Modules provide built-in signal conditioning such as amplification, filtering, excitation, and isolation for accurate sensor measurements.



All Sensor-Based I/O Modules

General-Purpose I/O Modules

Modules provide a range of analog and digital input and output options to meet your measurement needs.

Analog Input

Analog Output

Digital I/O

Chassis and Controllers

CompactDAQ chassis and controllers control the timing, synchronization, and data transfer between up to 14 I/O modules.

PC-Based Chassis

Integrated Controllers


Customize your automated measurement system with NI software to acquire, analyze, visualize, and log your data.

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