Archived: Trajectory Settings for Motion Controllers

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Note: The instructions contained in this document are for NI-Motion 6.x or earlier. For instructions for NI-Motion 7.0 or later refer to Measurement & Automation Explorer Help for Motion.

To configure the trajectory settings of your motion controller, click the plus sign next to Trajectory Settings to expand the section.

The right side of the panel will show the options to configure the trajectory settings. Use the tabs at the bottom of the panel to switch between Trajectory Settings and Move Criteria Complete settings.

Trajectory Settings

The Trajectory Settings page contains two sections, Move Settings and Advanced Move Settings, to control how your motor behaves when it performs a move.

Operation Mode:

Stop Mode:

Load Velocity in:

Blending Options:




Following Error:

S Curve Time:

Position Modulus:

Velocity Threshold:

Velocity Override:

Base Velocity:

Acceleration Factor:


Move Complete Criteria:

The Move Complete Criteria Settings page allows you to configure settings for the move complete criteria on your axes.

Motor Off:




Minimum Pulse:


Click Apply for your new settings to take effect.

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