Archived: NI VeriStand 2013 f1 Patch Details

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The patch fixes the issues listed in the table below. NI strongly recommends this patch for all NI VeriStand 2013 installations. 

Issues Fixed in NI VeriStand 2013 f2:

ID Fixed Issue
425731 Multi-rate model tasks do not update correctly at high loop rates.
431001 Loading an XNET Database with an unsupported format causes NI VeriStand to freeze.
431038 Hardware Discovery Wizard does not detect all DAQ devices.
403405 Multi-rate models do not work if there is a timing offset.
432660 NI VeriStand 2013 does not properly recognize the Visual Studio 2008 compiler as a supported compiler.
433428 NI VeriStand is unable to set some FPGA boards as master timing sources.
433157 NI VeriStand 2013 incorrectly returns Error 1026 at Call By Reference when calling Get Item Property in a Custom Device.
434519 NI VeriStand improperly sets the Chassis parameter Export start trigger on line to None.
432134 Error -307702 thrown incorrectly when importing model into NI VeriStand.