Hardware Services

From the moment you unbox your hardware to deployment and maintenance, NI hardware services help you get started quickly and operate efficiently throughout the life cycle of your test system.

Ensure Project Success With Hardware Services

Plan for Repair To Minimize Downtime

With extended use over time, mechanical components eventually need repair. Plan ahead to maintain high performance and uptime, with options to get your system back up and running within days, hours, or minutes. Get support for up to 20 years with life cycle services.

Shorten System Bring-Up Time

Save setup time by having your system assembled and tested, with software already installed before it ships. Minimize the hassle of logistics by keeping your system together for troubleshooting, routine maintenance, and repair.

Maintain Accurate, Traceable Data

Accuracy of electronic components in all instruments naturally drifts over time. Ensure quality measurements and traceability with multiple levels of calibration services to comply with industry standards.

Service Options Tailored to Your Needs

Included Repair Coverage

NI hardware includes one year of repair coverage that restores your device’s functionality, updates firmware, and performs factory calibration. Purchase a service program to extend your repair coverage to three or five years.

Hardware Service Programs

Hardware service programs go beyond the included one-year repair coverage to help you get started quickly, minimize downtime, and avoid unplanned maintenance expenses.