Ultiboard Basics Course

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The Ultiboard Basics Course introduces you to the fundamentals of the Ultiboard printed circuit board design software.

The Ultiboard Basics Course helps you understand the features of the Ultiboard user interface. This course prepares you to transfer Multisim schematic netlists to the Ultiboard environment and design a printed circuit board (PCB) for export to production. Topics covered in this course include design setup, precise part and trace placement, and the optimization and use of autoplacement and autorouting. You also will learn how to prepare final designs for manufacturing and how to export to industry-standard file formats. The Ultiboard Basics Course requires experience with Windows and basic knowledge of electronics theory, PCB layout theory, and Multisim. The course is recommended for users preparing to layout, route, and export PCB designs and technical managers evaluating Ultiboard or the Circuit Design Suite.

  • Формат: Онлайн-курс, Занятие в Аудитории и Виртуально
  • Необходимые условия: Опыт работы с Microsoft Windows, NI Multisim и схемотехникой

Part Number(s): 910758-71

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