Actor-Oriented Design in LabVIEW Course

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The Actor-Oriented Design in LabVIEW Course teaches you how to build actors and design complex multi-actor systems using the LabVIEW Actor Framework.

The Actor-Oriented Design in LabVIEW Course helps you learn how to design and implement scalable, extensible software architectures for LabVIEW applications requiring a high level of concurrency. This course teaches you how to build actors and architect an application built with those actors. You will discover how to work in the framework and how to use inheritance and composition to build highly parallel, robust systems. At the end of this course, you will know how to test and deploy completed systems. You will also understand implementation common design patterns in actor systems to promote reuse and extensibility. The Actor-Oriented Design in LabVIEW Course is recommended for users experienced in object-oriented design and programming in LabVIEW.


  • Formato: Sala de aula
  • Pré-requisitos Curso LabVIEW Core 3 Object-Oriented Design and Programming in LabVIEW

Part Number(s): 910840-11 | 910840-31 | 788379-01

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