Connect to a NI Condition Monitoring Industry or Technology Provider

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We’re here to help. The NI Alliance Partner network offers system integrators and industry partners who create IP built on NI’s platforms that are designed to solve condition monitoring and business problems.

We have put together recommended solution providers with proven expertise for a variety of maintenance strategies. Get started with these partners or search the full Alliance Partner directory to find your right partner.


Integration Partners

Viewpoint Systems creates embedded condition monitoring solutions that can detect component degradation and misalignment issues, track historical usage, and help optimize machine performance – ultimately improving system uptimes and reducing repair costs.  Employing a wide range of techniques – such as vibration analysis, displacement measurements, temperature variations, acoustic emissions, and energy usage – that are well-suited for monitoring and optimizing rotating machinery.

Business needs:

Embedded condition monitoring solutions that stay with your assets for automated, continuous measurements, remote data management, dynamic strain gauge measurements



ELM Energy and our network of partners provide unique solutions in Demand Response, Substation Automation, and Project Financing. We work with clients to provide an engineered solution that meets the customers need and the regulatory requirements of state and federal agencies. ELM will insure and indemnify solutions meeting our specifications and will oversee projects from the development phase through continuous monitoring of system parameters during operation.

Business needs:

Demand response, substation automation, project management and financing, biodiesel in stationary sources



Nexjen's ICM2 platform provides our clients with the best solutions to prevent product and equipment failure. Nexjen has deployed a broad range of condition monitoring systems including:

  • Portable, high-speed systems for field service applications.
  • Plant-Wide Systems consisting of 100’s of networked monitoring nodes.
  • Enterprise-level Software for data analysis of all monitored equipment across a plant, or plants.

Business needs:

Design and integration services for plant-wide asset monitoring, industrial equipment condition monitoring for predictive maintenance, closed-loop life-cycle testing of industrial machines and components, industrial test fixtures, NEMA/UL control and monitoring panels



CIM delivers monitoring and control for your assets and has been involved in large-scale M2M solutions since 2000.  Specializing in computer and electronic engineering for production test, green engineering, medical and vision systems.

Business needs:

Machine to Machine (M2M), alarm and data logging, monitoring and control applications, integration with existing devices



Solution Partners

Allied Reliability Group provides global solutions and support for operational reliability solutions, condition monitoring and electrical services, training, staffing and integrated production solutions.  With more than 1400 benchmarked sites, ARC provides unparalleled maintenance and reliability solutions.

Business needs:

Software applications and products for maintenance and reliability professionals, scalable data acquisition kits, reliability benchmarking, measurement and data collection tools for inaccessible, large, or complex structures



OSIsoft® provides an open infrastructure to connect sensor-based data, operations and people to enable real-time intelligence. Our flagship product, the PI System, enables your business to capture and leverage sensor-based data across the enterprise to improve efficiency, sustainability, quality and safety. Discover how a single data infrastructure can transform your operations.

Business needs:

Maximize asset performance through real-time monitoring and condition-based maintenance programs, achieve greater efficiencies and prolong asset life, proactively plan maintenance and repairs



Domain Partners

SparkPredict’s™ next generation prognostics enable improved operational reliability and efficiency while providing out-of-band security.  Whether it is a pump, wind turbine or the grid, SparkCognition is applying its cognitive approach to help some of the leading energy and power companies with the following abilities:

  • Accurately predict failure and detect anomalies
  • Automatically build, select and manage models
  • Extract insights through deeper-order analyses
  • Scale solutions through model-building automation
  • Improve knowledge use and retention with IBM Watson

Business needs:

Real-time insights, automatic detection and classification, symptom sensitive approach to accurately detect and predict failures and events