What’s New in LabVIEW? Everything!

Visão geral

The demands placed on your applications are endless. You face constant pressure to develop systems under budget and with fewer people, to maintain systems for longer periods of time, to integrate more sensors and data into the application, to get to market faster. You cannot address these challenges without an effective software platform at the core of your application.

In this webinar, learn how NI continues what it started 30 years ago with LabVIEW—to make programming more approachable to engineers. Whether you are a programming prodigy or a novice, the investments made in the NI software platform introduce innovative new workflows for the acquisition and analysis of measurement data that can get you from sensor connections all the way to the resulting action without programming.

Reasons to attend:
• Simplify the development of complex systems with LabVIEW 2017
• Minimize time to measurement and get instant data insights without programming in
• Understand the NI software investment roadmap