Develop with Graphical Programming


Program in G



Unlike general-purpose tools, LabVIEW is designed for test and measurement. It uses G, a graphical, high-level programming language, which aids engineers in translating their tasks to code. Save development time by programming like you think.

Key Features for Graphical Programming

Dataflow Programming

Graphical programming offers a more intuitive experience than traditional scripting languages. LabVIEW abstracts syntax and more closely resembles physical models.

Parallel Programming

Engineers increase performance by completing tasks in parallel. LabVIEW'’s inherent parallelism allows multitasking and multithreading without complex coding.

Interactive Debugging

LabVIEW automatically compiles code at each step and has interactive debugging tools. Users are warned of issues and can step through execution to resolve them.

With LabVIEW, we easily implemented required functions and allowed for future modifications on the test site. NI hardware and software helped us achieve a short development time and respond to the increasingly demanding time and cost requirements for these applications.

Santiago R. López Gordo

Airbus Military

LabVIEW for Intuitive Programming

Program Like You Think

LabVIEW helps reduce development time by catering to engineers and scientists, who are often “visual thinkers” who describe their systems with flowcharts and diagrams.

Scale in the Future

NI has a suite of software for test—and LabVIEW is at the core. Customers can scale with products that work together and match their needs.

Integrate Other Code

Engineers integrate code from Python, MathWorks® MATLAB® software, C, and .NET into LabVIEW programs for a flexible test system that combines the best of all software tools.

Engage with the Community

LabVIEW is used by hundreds of thousands of engineers worldwide. Developers rely on the NI community to network, learn, or hire consultants and system integrators.