Monitor and Interact With Your Test


Create User Interfaces for Test



Engineers can use LabVIEW to build a user interface in minutes. LabVIEW has test-specific visual elements for a custom display to monitor and control test systems. It’s as simple as drag and drop.

Key Features for UI Development

User Interface Panel

LabVIEW’s native front panel offers a user interface without coding, so you can arrange elements, scale objects, and customize colors and styles in a few clicks.

Charts, Graphs, and Indicators

Customizable visualization elements can be added in moments. View data from multiple instruments with various types of charts, graphs, status indicators, and more.

Prebuilt Inputs and Controls

Adjusting test is at the push of a button. Users can modify test during execution with controls like sliders, buttons, dials, and text boxes.

Two primary advantages of LabVIEW over other software packages currently used in the automotive industry are the LabVIEW front panel that serves as a powerful user interface and the graphical development environment, which eliminates the need for lower-level programming.

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LabVIEW for UI Development

View All Your Measurements

LabVIEW UIs display multiple instruments’ data in one location. LabVIEW’s instrument connectivity enables users to control and acquire data using any device.

Build Test Faster

Engineers build better UIs and in less time with LabVIEW. Add and customize visualization elements using configuration menus, not lines of code.

Reduce Training Time

You can design your LabVIEW interface to maximize operator understanding. UIs are arrangeable and customizable, with numerous element types and styles.

Lock It Down

LabVIEW’s locking and password features help code owners prevent unwanted edits to their application.