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Requirements Gateway is application software that links development and verification documents with formal requirements in documents and databases.

Requirements Gateway helps you specify which applications, tests, and simulation models correlate with documented requirements to capture traceability information. You can use Requirements Gateway to capture and compare project snapshots to see differences and how requirements and coverage change over time. This application software integrates into LabVIEW, LabWindows�/CVI, and TestStand, as well as common tools for documenting requirements, such as Telelogic DOORS, IBM Rational RequisitePro, and Microsoft Office.


  • Visualização de relações de rastreabilidade com análise gráfica de cobertura e mostradores de análises de impacto.
  • Captura e comparação de instantâneos do projeto para determinar mudanças nos requisitos e cobertura.
  • Geração de relatórios de análises de impacto e rastreabilidade.

Part Number(s): 788393-35 | 788393-35WM

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