DIAdem Data Acquisition and Control Module

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The DIAdem Data Acquisition and Control Module helps you acquire measurement data and process control data for systems-under-test.

The DIAdem Data Acquisition and Control (DAC) Module is a software add-on for DIAdem that provides single-point processing and customized displays for viewing data. You can use this add-on to acquire data from NI-DAQ�mx, NI-XNET, or NI-CAN devices. After data acquisition, you can access the data immediately in DIAdem to inspect, analyze, and report on your collected data. You also can use the included script driver to communicate with RS232, GPIB, and TCP/IP devices through VBScript (VBS). The DIAdem DAC Module supports output of data to analog and digital outputs, alarms, open and closed loop control and inline data processing and analysis. Additionally, the add-on supports basic calculus, controls such as proportional�integral�derivative (PID), packet processing with fast Fourier transform (FFT), filters, statistics, and more.

Part Number(s): 784274-35

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