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26.5 GHz or 54 GHz, Up to 2 GHz BW, RF PXI Vector Signal Transceiver

The PXIe-5842 is a vector signal transceiver (VST), which combines a vector signal generator and vector signal analyzer into a single four-slot PXI Express instrument. This VST provides the fast measurement speed and small form factor of a production test box with the flexibility and high performance of R&D-grade box instruments. The PXIe-5842 benefits from PXI modularity and scalability, as up to four PXIe-5842 VSTs can fit into one 18-slot PXI Chassis. Additionally, the VST provides the error vector magnitude (EVM) performance required to test a variety of cellular and wireless standards such as Wi-Fi 7 and 5G NR. The PXIe-5842 supports frequency coverage and bandwidth availability for a wide range of semiconductor, aerospace, and defense applications.

Part Number(s): 788566-02 | 789600-08511 | 789600-08210 | 789600-12111 | 789600-08111 | 789600-08110 | 789600-08211 | 789600-08501 | 789600-12201 | 789600-12101 | 789600-12110 | 789600-12211 | 789600-12210 | 789600-08201 | 789600-08101 | 789600-08510 | 789600-26111 |

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