RFmx Noise Figure

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RFmx Noise Figure provides interactive and automated measurements for noise figure analysis.

RFmx Noise Figure is application software that runs inside RFmx SpecAn, which installs with RFmx Noise figure. This software extends the capability of NI RF instrumentation and helps you measure noise figure, gain, and effective temperatures using the Y-factor and Cold Source methods. Additionally, you can use RFmx Noise Figure improve measurement accuracy with built-in calibration procedures and decrease test time with integrated noise source control and multifrequency measurement optimization. You also can perform and debug measurements with interactive software front panels, create and play back open, unlocked waveforms with the included RFmx Waveform Creator, and speed up automated testing with the performance-optimized API. You can choose from a development license or a deployment license, which you can use to distribute developed code.

Part Number(s): 785269-35 | 787009-35 | 788005-35WM | 788005-35

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