NI-Industrial Communications for Ethernet/IP

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NI-Industrial Communications for Ethernet/IP enables a LabVIEW system to communicate as an Ethernet/IP Class 1 adapter device on an Ethernet/IP network.

NI-Industrial Communications for Ethernet/IP is application software that offers you support for using CompactRIO Controllers, CompactRIO Single-Board Controllers, PXI Controllers, Compact Vision Systems, Smart Cameras, Industrial Controllers, or stand-alone CompactDAQ systems. It includes an extensive library of LabVIEW VIs and properties so you can create customized Ethernet/IP applications for compatible Ethernet/IP hardware devices. The software features mechanisms for both explicit messaging and I/O data communication. These mechanisms offer communication and data sharing with a wide range of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and Ethernet/IP I/O devices.

Part Number(s): 781656-35

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