LabVIEW 2014 Bug Fixes


The following items are the IDs and titles of a subset of issues fixed between LabVIEW 2013 SP1 and LabVIEW 2014. If you have a CAR ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed.
ID Fixed Issue
46534 Enhance error filtering in Clear
122057 Joining Numbers of Different Widths Produce Unexpected Values
125936 Printing entire VI hierarchy does not include dynamic dispatch subVIs
187861 A VI Snippet that contains a Property node for a front panel object results an invalid reference
201104 Toggling Y scale visibility with multiple scales causes unreadable display of data on waveform graphs
212845 When creating a VI snippet that contains a local variable, the VI snippet changes the variable to a Property Node and a Reference
250791 In certain cases, the build array function does provide the option to concatenate arrays
255617 Error 1502 can occur if dependencies are placed in non executing case structures
276765 Classic controls do not have distinct names in QuickDrop
276988 A Large Picture Ring constant can cause fpsane.cpp line 442 error
277283 When creating a VI Snippet with code that contains a tab control, the snippet does not properly save the contents of each tab.
286661 Issue with the LabVIEW Icon Editor opening with a white background when it should be transparent
292652 VI Snippet can't be dragged from Chrome, Firefox or Safari
306189 Deploying a Variable Library with an IO Alias to a RT Target Programmatically Returns Error 1
308748 Memory leak when Using .net TextBox Append Method
312130 Show Buffer Allocation tool shows that all inlined VIs are inplace
313075 In some cases, wiring a constant to a case structure would result in the inability to build a LabVIEW executable with Error 1502
362970 Can't link VI context help to an anchor in an HTML file
367468 Wiring multiple inputs to Split causes LabVIEW to crash
368959 LabVIEW crashes by replacing a cluster constant that is being viewed as an icon with either a string or a boolean constant
369119 Renaming a library that contains a class which contains a strictly typed VI Refnum causes errors because the namespace in the refnum is not updated
371391 For a specific VI, enabling debugging caused an order of magnitude performance degradation
372668 The channel order is incorrect for the first TDMS group after using NI_MinimumBufferSize property.
376763 Removing an item in an enum does not change focus to the next item in the list
377978 When compared to the Index Array function, Delete From Array function has performance overhead when using it to index the last value of an array
381960 LabVIEW runs out of images and crashes if you have large number of VIs in your user.lib palette
382652 It is possible to make changes to the items of a typedef enum constant in the properties menu, but the changes do not take effect
384551 A breakpoint inside the disabled case of a disabled structure is still hit when the VI executes
386963 Creating a typedef from a cluster that contains an empty array constant throws a DWarn 0x283E632F in replace.cpp
393436 does not return any generated files when running an installer build specification
397393 Internal Warnings 0xD1EED773 and 0x667BD7ED while changing name of a control
397845 In rare cases, LabVIEW hangs when merging VIs with missing subVIs
397918 Error 1502 sometimes occurs when building an application containing unreachable code in a case structure with a constant wired to it
401646 Toggling the visibility of axis on a Waveform Graph with multiple axis causes the axis to overlap
401731 Add valid "Window Run-Time Positions" from VI Properties to app builder Source File Settings - Customize VI Properties
403179 LabVIEW crashes when wiring a variant constant to a digital waveform graph and save the VI
403202 The Remote Front Panel Plugin for Chrome and Firefox needs to be installed on a repair
403213 Creating a source distribution does not allow you to have a mix of code that is source only and not source only
403263 Bookmark Manager shows bookmarks in the LabVIEW resource folder
404038 Unevenly Sampled Signal Spectrum VI Uses Incorrect Sample Weighting
404257 Merging two source only VIs resets the source only setting and makes the resultant VI not source only
404512 Compiler Error csrc=0x3F when Match is wired to a conditional tunnel
404637 ctrl+z sometimes types a z character. The same behavior occurs for ctrl+c and ctrl+x
406710 LabVIEW Crash when Inlined SubVI with Feedback Node inside of Parallel For Loop is called.
407147 Opening the LabVIEW Icon Editor resets invisible layers to visible
407471 .NET invoke and property nodes do not always load or relink to the correct assembly version
407678 LabVIEW will crash if closed while a local debug web service is running
408437 MouseWheel "ButtonMods" event data appears in English in French LabVIEW
408624 Rare LabVIEW crash when a FPGA Target parent is drag-dropped and LV FPGA not installed or not licensed
409889 "Build All" Fails while Building an installer when multiple build specifications are in a project
410733 Ramp Pattern VI does not produce expected results
410846 LabVIEW crashes when using concatenating tunnel mode on fixed-size array
412912 LabVIEW Crash when VI has String Control Wired to Generate User-Defined Trace Events is Traced.
413400 When configuring a new project in LabVIEW, the Project Root directory cannot be set to a network drive
413502 Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit does not accurately identify creation/destruction of Data Value References
417188 Officially support using VariantFlattenExp to flatten variants to previous versions
417506 Building a Real-Time Executable with MathScript functions quadprog or fmin_qp causes LabVIEW to crash with DWarn 0x1472AD65
417953 LabVIEW will crash on run if array on connector pane is wired to Flatten to JSON primitive
418199 The reference to typedef objects returned by the FocusObj event structure terminal cannot be compared to regular object references
418330 Rare LabVIEW crash while quick-dropping a primitive onto the diagram
420007 Open URL in Default does not correctly handle hashtags in Compiled Help Files
421458 Digital Waveform Graph can hang LabVIEW when writing badly overflown data
422283 Renaming specific .lvlibs in a project can cause typedef enum constants to revert to default values
422905 Attaching a comment to an object with a long label, the comment arrow will not point at the object
424094 In certain cases, VI Scripting: RearrangeFrameByIndex function can crash LabVIEW
424541 Upgrading code that contains an inplace element structure with auto grow disabled will turn auto grow back on
424616 Block diagram constants don't inherit a typedef's default data when a new element is added
425582 LabVIEW issues an internal warning when failing to save a VI in an unattended mode
426108 Using an annotation list to visualize labels and arrows with offset in a XY Graph the offset for the labels sometimes disappears
426280 Modifying the Minimum Value in the properties of a numeric control configred to Absolute Time can crash LabVIEW
426285 In rare cases, a corrupt listbox does not output correct values
426523 A specific large project fails to build with a GenIL error and then crashes if you do not select Disconnect Type Defs
426788 Reading LinkedControl.Label.Text property of an implicit property node crashes LabVIEW
426792 LabVIEW crashes when waveform graph cursors contain invalid scale values
427421 In certain cases, LabVIEW would stall during installation at the NI Error Reporting section
427673 The Actor Framework cannot be packed into a packed library
428197 Creating an i8 array indicator/control for a property node adds a u8 array instead
428253 If LabVIEW 2013 is installed, Application Builder includes the LabVIEW 2013 web service installer when building from LabVIEW 2012
428273 Add High Resolution Relative Seconds VI to the Timing palette
428357 Comparisons fail between empty fixed sized arrays and compare aggregates
428767 Create SubVI does not respect the Options settings for terminal label position
428872 System State Publisher incorrectly reports cached memory as "used" memory on Linux Real-Time
429396 Application directory VI incorrectly returns paths when used within a .NET Assembly or LabVIEW built DLL
429516 VI Snippets not working as expected in certain browsers
429902 Application Builder Lists Windows XP SP2 as the system requirements when the LabVIEW Readme requires XP SP3
430579 The Cubic Spline Fit does not output a linear function when the balance parameter is zero and the input arrays are less than seven elements
431956 Calling a LabVIEW web service repeatedly causes a memory leak
432447 "Adapt to source" doesn't work for FXP inside a cluster
432614 Remote Front Panels in LabVIEW 2013 do not release the VxWorks targets after being disconnected
433514 Dragging and dropping groups of arrays between clusters will sometimes cause a rare LabVIEW crash
433551 LabVIEW crashes when deleting an realtime target target from a project without realtime support installed
433687 Application Builder doesn't provide a way to set the CFBundleIdentifier in the Info.plist file on Mac
435028 Array constant does not auto resize when inner control is edited and resizes
435029 Updating a typedef does not cause a block diagram constant to resize correctly
435259 LabVIEW Dialogs sometimes display offscreen with multiple monitor setups
436784 Scripting method ClusterConstant.AutoSize crashes LabVIEW
437814 Open Sessions VI from visa.llb does not work properly in LabVIEW 2013
438528 Subdiagram Label changes are not tracked in a VI, which does not mark the VI as needing to be resaved nor prompt the user when closing the VI before saving
438550 Mouse Wheel events show the incorrect coordinates for Controls and Splitters
438646 LabVIEW sometimes crashes when viewing the context help and deleting an input wire to a polymorphic VI that automatically adapts to inputs
439026 Building an Application with Enable ActiveX server selected will crash all localized versions of LabVIEW
439041 In certain cases, a memory leak occurs when using User Events
439642 LabVIEW 2013 SP1 on Mac has an incorrect installer warning claiming we do not support Mavericks
439710 Launching a right click menu on an xcontrol causes an increase in CPU usage
440114 Executing a TestStand sequence with LabVIEW VIs in a user interface running in the LabVIEW 2013 Development System causes delays at the beginning of execution
441769 Long build path on Mac OS X results in temporary files that prevent build
441783 LabVIEW Class VIs loaded from an unexpected path can sometimes load broken
441892 Quick Drop shortcut Ctrl-T does not work correctly for matrix and array constants
441894 Moving the label of a typedef constant through scripting moves the constant instead of the label
442743 Cutting text from one free label and pasting into another with the autotool disabled crashes LabVIEW
444095 Remove Stacked Sequence Structure from the palette
444412 LabVIEW sometimes crashes with exception 0x558A98DB when searching a block diagram containing tab controls using the find dialog
445027 Calling multiple LabVIEW built .NET assemblies from any .NET language fails with Error 1
445456 webservices.ini is not installed on Linux RealTime
445981 A memory leak occurs when calling a custom ActiveX Control function which returns a UInt64
446265 Duplicating and renaming a LabVIEW project and saving to the same folder can result in the deletion of non-NI files, such as a text file
446367 Excel reports sometimes appear empty until user forces a redraw of the data-sheet, for example by double-clicking on the graph.
447072 Wait (ms) VI does not work on NI Linux RT Target if wait is longer than 30000 ms
450094 The menu option Project>Create Project will sometimes open a file explorer window to the template folder
450755 Modifying Meter, Gauge, or Knob dimensions in a tab control resizes controls incorrectly
451107 In some cases, LabVIEW asks to save code changes when no changes were made
451499 LabVIEW Run-Time Engine crashes when it loads a lvproj containing Network Variables using Strict TypeDefs
453896 Error message encountered during TestStand Deployment Utility build process may show incorrect list of VIs
457434 In LabVIEW 2013 SP1, removing a file from a class and then adding that file back to the same class can crash LabVIEW
461051 In certain cases, configuring a For Loop for parallelism which contains a Wait on Asynchronous Call function can crash LabVIEW
461196 Scan From String VI returns Error 1 with "%t" as the format string input
466641 Using a User Event reference in a reentrant ActiveX callback VI can cause LabVIEW to hang
470943 When registering multiple .NET callbacks in one Register Event Callback function, LabVIEW 2013 SP1 returns Error 1172

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