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Archived: TestStand 2012 f1 Patch Details

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The TestStand 2012 f1 patch resolves the issues outlined in the table below. National Instruments strongly recommends this patch for all TestStand 2012 installations. You can install the patch through NI update service, or you can download it directly through the following Drivers and Updates page: 

Drivers & Updates: NI TestStand 2012 f1 Patch 

ID Description
360969 An Index was out of range error occurs after you select certain parameters and then select another step
363405 TestStand incorrectly assigns timestamp data passed from and to a LabVIEW code module
365966 The fundamentals book in the TestStand help is not included in the search tool
Errors exist in the Parallel Execution, Property Loader, and Dynamic Client Sequence File example programs that ship with TestStand 2012
367308 TestStand 2012 does not create strong references to objects contained within an array of containers
368275 TestStand 2012 can crash if you change the LabVIEW adapter to use the Run-time Engine while a LabVIEW project is loaded in memory
366452 Expanding an array parameter in the parameters pane of a  LabVIEW code module can generate an error and leave the parameter control in a bad state

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Drivers & Updates: NI TestStand 2012 f1 Patch