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How to Create a Backup Image on a PXI(e) Controller
I want to create a backup image for a PXI(e) or rackmount controller. I don't want to replace the factory image, but instead create an alternate image and store it to a specific location that I can reference ...

Running LabVIEW Executable or Installer on Different Windows Versions
I want to run an executable or installer that was created on a Windows PC on another Windows PC with a different operating system. Will I run into any issues doing so? For example: I have created a installer ...

Running LabVIEW Built Executables Between Windows, macOS, and Linux OS
Can a stand-alone application (executable) built with Application Builder in Windows, Macintosh, or Linux be transferred and used interchangeably on another platform?

Unable to Install LabVIEW DSC Module with LabVIEW 64 bits
I have the Labview 2013 64 bit software, I amm trying to install Labview DSC 2013 but i get the following error: "NI LabView 2013 must be installed before you can install NI Labview 2013 Datalogging and ...

Error 538179 Object Invalidated Method Called on Interface Class in TestStand
I am calling two VIs in TestStand and pass reference data from one to the other. I receive Error 538179 occurred at Transmission Data Unit.lvclass:Write ADU Possible reason(s): The object used ...

Set Password for Built-In Account on NI InsightCM™ Server
I want to set passwords for the built-in user accounts/roles I create onNI InsightCM™ Server.

Accuracy, Code Width and Bits of Resolution Differences
I have a data acquisition (DAQ) card that has an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) with specified bits ofresolution. I calculated the code width of my card using the formula: Code Width=Range/(2^bits) ...

Accuracy of SCXI 32-Channel Analog or Thermocouple Input Module Reading
I am taking a thermocouple reading using SCXI and would like to know what accuracy to expect. What is the possible error that may occur?

Troubleshooting Offset, Incorrect, and Noisy Readings of NI Multifunction DAQ
I have a data acquisition (DAQ) system that generates offset, incorrect, or noisy readings. Do you have any troubleshooting tips for offset, incorrect, or noisy readings? What are some considerations for ...

Which Embedded Controllers Can Run VeriStand?
I want to know if my cRIO, PXI/PXIe, or cDAQ real-time embedded controller can run VeriStand.