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After Updating to Diadem 2019 sp1 I Can No Longer Load the Systemlink Configuration Files (*.ANP and *.DPP)
I have updated DIAdem 2019 with service pack 2019 via the offline installer. Since that I can no longer load the “*.anp” and “*.dpp” files in DIAdem-SCRIPT.

Real-Time Application Gives Error -63052 Trigger Lines are Not Supported or Enabled
I have an application where I open an FPGA reference and then reserving a PXI Trigger Line. When I execute the VI on my RT controller by clicking run (Interactive control) everything runs with no error. ...

How Can I Change Resistor, Capacitor or Inductor Values From Labview During Labview Multisim Co-Simulation?
I have set values for resistors, capacitors, and inductors in my Multisim design. Can I change these values in LabVIEW while LabVIEW Multisim Co-simulation is in Progress?

Launching Veristand Editor From Teststand
I am trying to call the Veristand executable then, open the Veristand Project but when I try to format the ‘Argument Expression’ is where I run into problems.

Can I Use a Real-Time Desktop as an EtherCAT Master?
I have the Industrial Communications for EtherCAT driver installed on my real-time desktop PC and configured one of the ports to be an EtherCAT interface, but when I try to add an EtherCAT master to the ...

GCC Error When Compiling my Simulink Model
I'm trying to build a simple Simulink®model for my Windows target, but whenever I try to build it, it returns the error"gcc error: unrecognized command line option '-m32'",this doesn't happen when building ...

Where Can I Find the Example about the NC-SI I/O of Frame Grabber Reconfigurable Device?
I'm using NI PCIe-8237R vision card which provides NC-SI I/O, but with little information on what each I/O stands for. Aside from the documentation, I'm more into finding an example using FPGA NC-SI I/O. ...

Does NI Measurement Studio Support 64-bit 3D Graphs?
Are there any 64-bit 3D graphs available for use for Measurement Studio, especially for the .NET framework? We realize there is the Component Works 3D Graph using Active-X, but it does not support 64-bit ...

Generating a Delay After a Trigger on LabVIEW with a PXI Device
I am using a PXI device and I want to generate a waveform after a trigger, after a specified amount of time. How do I add a delay after a trigger on LabVIEW ?

Storing To File Has Failed Error When Saving Data In Excel Format in DIAdem
I have several channel groups in the DIAdem Dataportal and want to save them for colleagues in the Excel format. However, I sometimes get this error message: Storing the internal data to the file "<file ...