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How To Activate Windows 10 on My PXIe Controller
I have installed Windows 10 on my PXIe-8880from a backup image created based on this KBMoving Pre-Installed Image to New PXI Hard Drive How can I activate Windows 10 on my controller?

Easy Print VI Panel Print Resolution Is Too Low
I am using the Easy Print VI Panel or Documentation VI to print data from my front panel. However, the image that I printed appears to be low resolution and difficult to read.

VeriStand: Programmatically Create Aliases in System Definition File
Is there a method to programmatically create aliases in the system definition file for VeriStand in LabVIEW?

Error -1172 From .NET DLL When Running In LabVIEW Executable
I have an application that uses a .NET DLL and my code works fine in the development environment in LabVIEW. When I build the code into an executable it causes Error -1172 "Invoke Node Error calling method...". ...

USB Flash Drive Does Not Show the Correct Amount of Space on cRIO
I have a compactRIO (cRIO) and I am plugging in a flash drive so that I can move some files from my cRIO to the flash drive (FAT32). When I plug the flash drive in and try to move large files from my cRIO ...

NI Networked Device Doesn't Show Up or is Missing in MAX
I have an NI device that connects to my host computer over the network. One of the following is occurring: I am attempting to configure the device in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX). The device ...

NI USB DAQ Device Not Identified Correctly In NI MAX
I am using an NI USB DAQ device for my data acquisition application. This has been identified correctly in NI Measurement and Automation Explorer until recently but now in the place of my device I have ...

Error -200257 in NI-DAQmx
When configuring my DAQmx counter task, I receive the following error: Error -200527: Requested values of the Minimum and Maximum properties for the counter channel are not supported for the given type ...

Does the USB-6211 Take Encoder Measurements?
I am trying to take angular displacement measurements for a torsion application and have encoders for these measurements. Does the USB-6211 I have work to take these measurements?

Timeout Error 56 When Communicating Between Network Devices Using LabVIEW
I am trying to communicate between network devices using any of the TCP/IP based networking API's in LabVIEW, but the VIs timeout withError 56 – LabVIEW: The network operation exceeded the user-specified ...