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LabVIEW VI Sequence Pattern
I am developing a single VI application in which I want to execute a series of pre-defined steps. Therefore, I am looking for a clean solution that keeps my code organized, easy to read, and contained ...

Log TDMS Measurements in a Real-Time Application
I am using an NI Real-Time platform (CompactRIO, sbRIO, PXI RT, myRIO, etc) and I want to log the data that I acquire from it. My datalogging application should create and log to a TDMS file in the device's ...

Error 1097 with LabVIEW Import Shared Library Wizard
My DLL includes a struct. I am trying to import it into LabVIEW using the Import Shared Library Wizard. The generated LabVIEW code creates individual controls instead of a cluster as I'd expect: And I ...

'Installation Failed' Error During Software Reinstall on Linux Real-Time Target Through MAX
I am using a controller running Linux Real-Time (e.g. cRIO 9030, 9060), on which I have installed multiple software components. I tried to reinstall a certain piece of software on the controller through ...

How Much Memory is Available on the TPC-2230?
How much memory does the TPC-2230 come with when purchased from National Instruments?

Can I Use the PFI Line on the PXI-5105 Scope Card to Count Digital Pulses
Can I use the PFI line on the PXI-5105 scope card to count digital pulses?

I Registered My Serial Number in My NI Account, and the Status Shows "Registration in Progress"
The registration status of my serial number shows "Registration in Progress". I want to know how long it takes to register my serial number into my National Instruments account.

Error -200329: "If an External Master Timebase Is Being Used, Make Sure the Source Is Connected and Generating an Appropriate Clock.
Whenever I try to read signals from my PCI card with a task on NI Measurement and Autmation Explorer or with the DAQ I get the error -200329: "If an external master timebase is being used, ...

Do NI-DAQmx Arrays in C++ Have a Size Limit?
I am developing an application using the NI-DAQmx API for C++ in Linux. According to the API, I can use float64 arrays to store the data I read from my DAQ devices, but I would like to know, what is the ...

SPI Communication Using A NI 9401
Is is possible to implement SPI communication using a NI 9401?