V2X C-V2X Open-Loop Test Software

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V2X C-V2X Open-Loop Test Software helps you perform automated functional testing of cellular vehicle-to-anything (C-V2X) communication and applications.

V2X C-V2X Open-Loop Test Software (SEA C-V2X OL) is a software add-on that works with the SEA LTE-V Monitoring API for LabVIEW software add-on. SEA C-V2X OL supports functional testing of onboard (OBUs), roadside units (RSUs), and complete systems. With add-on, you can perform C-V2X and CAN signal synchronization for simulation, acquisition, and evaluation. You also can use the add-on with the USRP Software Defined Radio Device to perform multi-vehicle simulation, GNSS simulation with an M3Systems GNSS Simulation license, and more. Additionally, SEA C-V2X OL helps you execute predefined SEA V2X Day 1 test cases or define user-specific traffic scenarios from IPG CarMaker or other simulation environments. You can choose from US, EU, and Chinese signaling stack implementation standards.

Part Number(s): 787610-35

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