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What Is an NI ELVIS Communications Board?

The NI ELVIS Communications Board extends the capabilities of the NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) Engineering Lab Workstation for teaching communications curriculum.

Teach Principles of Communications

The Emona Communications Board for NI ELVIS III provides hands-on experiments that develop a comprehensive understanding of advanced analog and digital telecommunication principles. Teaching resource topics inlcude AM and FM modulation/demodulation, ASK, FSK, and QPSK.

Teach Signals and Systems

The Emona SIGEx 311 Signals and Systems Experiments Board for NI ELVIS II/II+ provides hands-on experiments that teach signals and systems concepts. Teaching resource topics inlcude linear and nonlinear signal characterization; convolution, sampling, and aliasing; and discrete time filters.

Teach Fiber Optics

The Emona FOTEx Board for NI ELVIS II/II+ provides hands-on experiments that teach introductory fiber-optic telecommunications concepts. Teaching resource topics include pulse code modulation encoding/decoding, line coding, and time-division multiple access.

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