NI-Digital Pattern Driver 16.0.1 Runtime and PXIe-6570 Firmware 16.0.0f5 Patch Details


The NI-Digital Pattern Driver 16.0.1 Runtime patch resolves the issues outlined in the table below for the NI-Digital Pattern driver 16.0 and PXIe-6570 Firmware 16.0.0f1. NI recommends this patch for all NI-Digital 16.0 installations and PXIe-6570 Digital Pattern Instruments.

The patch is available through NI Update Service or you can download directly through the Drivers and Updates page linked below. This download also includes an updated PXIe-6570 16.0.0f5 firmware that is required to resolve all issues listed below. The instructions to update to the 16.0.0f5 firmware are listed below.


NI-Digital Pattern Driver 16.0.1 Runtime Patch Download

PXIe-6570 Firmware 16.0.0f5 Installation Instructions

  1. Download and install the NI-Digital Pattern Driver 16.0.1 Runtime patch. You can verify the installation by checking the Software tab in NI MAX.
  2. In NI MAX, expand Devices and Interfaces and select the NI PXIe-6570 instrument to be updated.
  3. Select Update Firmware. A dialog box will open prompting you to select the firmware file.
  4. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Shared\Firmware and select PXIe-6570_16_0_0f5.cfg. Once the file has been selected, an option to begin the update will appear.
  5. Select Begin Update. A ribbon will now show in NI MAX indicating that firmware update is in progress. This process will take between 2 and 3 minutes. Do not power down the system during the update.
  6. Close NI MAX.
  7. Power down the chassis. To finalize the firmware upgrade, a complete shutdown is required. A reboot is not sufficient.
  8. Power on the system. Once Windows has booted successfully, launch NI MAX again and select the same device you updated firmware on. The device should now display 16.0.0f5 as the firmware version.

Resolved Issues

ID Description

A race condition within the PXIe-6570 firmware (version 16.0.0f1) has the potential to cause data corruption issues

Note: To fix this issue you must also install the 16.0.0f2 or later firmware.


Capture memory acquisition stops to prevent an overwrite when the capture memory is not full and PXIe backplane bandwidth is available. This issue might occur as a result of internal latency, which can cause a failure to transfer data

Note: To fix this issue you must also install the 16.0.0f5 firmware.


When using source memory, interacting with the device in NI Measurement & Automation Explorer or running the STS Maintenance Software might cause the PXIe-6570 to source incorrect data