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The NI myRIO Project Essentials Guide was written to as a resource for students using components from the myRIO Starter Kit, myRIO Mechatronics Kit and the myRIO Embedded Kit. Although the chapters were written to match the specific components in these kits there are occasions when components may vary slighty from the devices shown in the Project Essentials Guide. This page will be updated to explain any changes that customers might see when comparing descriptions in the Project Essentials Guide to components in the kits.





The image in the Project Essentials Guide shows some LEDs that have clear, red, and green colored plastic caps. The NI myRIO Starter Kit contains many colors of LEDs but they all have clear plastic caps. 

The schematic shown in the document shows a 220 Ohm resistor as an example for the series resistor necessary in an LED circuit. The kit does not have a 220 Ohm resistor. When working with this chapter you can use two 100 Ohms in series or two 470 Ohm resistors in parallel. 

8ThermistorThe image in the Project Essentials Guide shows a thermistor that is blue. Some kits have thermistors that are gray in color. Both the blue and gray thermistors have the same thermal coefficients. The coefficients mentioned in the video for this chapter are applicable to both the blue and gray thermistor.
12DC Motor

The Project Essentials Guide references the data sheet for this motor: Mabuchi FF-180PH/SH. 

Some kits will have a different motor, ShangLin - R140-18100. The data sheet for this motor can be found here.


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