NI 9505 DC Brushed Servo Drive Temperature Derating Curve

When using the NI 9505, the ambient temperature affects the maximum amount of current that the NI 9505 can deliver to the load. To increase the output power of the module, National Instruments offers an additional screw terminal accessory you can use in place of the standard screw terminal included with the NI 9505 module. The figure below displays the ambient temperature versus current capability for the NI 9505 with and without the NI 9931 Screw Terminal Accessory.

Without the NI 9931 Screw Terminal Accessory, the NI 9505 can deliver a maximum current of 5 A at 40 ºC and 1 A at 70 ºC, indicated by the solid line in the figure. 

With the NI 9931 Screw Terminal Accessory, the NI 9505 can deliver a maximum current of 7.3 A at 40 ºC and 1 A at 70 ºC, indicated by the dashed line in the figure.


NI 9505 Ambient Temperature Versus Current Capability


Using the NI 9505 with other C Series Modules

Due to additional ambient heating of the NI 9505 when supplying more than 1 A to the load, the room temperature (25 ºC, ±5 ºC) specifications of adjacent modules are not valid. The full operating temperature (–40 ºC to 70 ºC) specifications for these modules are still valid.


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