Archived: Measurement Studio 2009 Bug Fixes

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The following items are changes from Measurement Studio 8.6.1 to Measurement Studio 2009.

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Bug ID Fixed Issue
117112 An extraneous horizontal or vertical white patch sometimes appears in a .NET control with a width or height greater than 474 pixels when the control has ThickFrame3D or ThinFrame3D borders.
117515 Nianlys.dll may throw a System.AccessViolationException on a computer with Data Execution Prevention (DEP) enabled.
127686 Writing a single value to the same TDMSFile channel group property, then writing to two different channels, and then saving the file in between a write to two channels can corrupt the channel group property.
127687 Setting a TDMS file property multiple times with different data types might corrupt the property.
132782 A .NET cursor with SnapMode configured to NearestPoint mode snaps to the nearest point on any plot in a .NET graph, even if the plot is not visible.
133799 A .NET NetworkVariableDataSource binding does not update its value on connection.
133863 The Network Variable .NET class library does not provide a way to configure the type of a network variable when it is created programmatically.
136849 The PropertyChanged event for NetworkVariableBufferedSubscriber is not raised for the ItemCount property.
157881 Calling PlotY multiple times on a .NET graph with a cursor can cause the cursor to move along the x-axis.
158854 Installing Measurement Studio and TestStand 4.2 on a machine with Visual Studio 2008 can cause help topics to disappear.
158863 Pressing <Enter> when editing the value in the Edit Range text box of a .NET waveform graph at runtime causes a system beep.
164969 Rounding errors can occur when viewing formatted DateTime values in a Measurement Studio .NET waveform graph.
168826 Japanese characters may appear upside down when the caption orientation is set to Left for tank and meter .NET control labels.
177256 Measurement Studio ASP.NET Web sites do not work by default in IIS7 integrated mode.
178633 The maximum history capacity allowed can be inconsistent for .NET waveform graphs.
181879 TdmsChannel.GetData(TData) throws an out of memory exception when the data being accessed is larger than 2 GBs.
182240 The Instrument Driver Wizard does not work with function panel (.fp) file formats version 9.0 and later.
182699 .NET graphs with multiple plots behave incorrectly when Visible is set to False for one of the plots.
184825 Zoom and pan operations may not revert correctly when preceded by an EditRange operation if you use more than one x-axis or y-axis.


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