NI Software and Microsoft Silverlight Support


Microsoft® Silverlight™ is a technology plugin to web browsers for displaying content. As of October 2021, Silverlight is no longer supported by Microsoft.  See this announcement from Microsoft for more information.


This paper explains which NI software no longer uses Microsoft Silverlight. For each NI software described below, you will find how this change may impact use of the NI software and which hardware configurations still require Silverlight.


NI MAX 20.5 and Network-Connected NI Devices (Not Including Real-Time Devices)

Starting in version 20.5, NI Measurement & Automation Exploration (MAX) was updated to support configuring network-connected devices (such as ethernet cDAQ) without a Silverlight plug-in. These devices can now be configured directly in NI MAX, while previous versions of MAX would refer you to a Silverlight-based web page for configuration.

Note: The firmware for many network-connected devices has not been upgraded to remove Microsoft Silverlight tools previously used by MAX. With that functionality now embedded in MAX, Silverlight is no longer needed as part of your workflow for device management.


NI MAX 21.0 and NI Linux Real-Time System Image 21.0

The NI Linux Real-Time System Image 21.0 contains an updated NI Web-Based Configuration 21.0 utility that no longer requires Silverlight. Real-Time device management in MAX 21.0 was updated to support this version of the Web-Based Configuration Utility.

An exception to the above is if you are using Web Services in LabVIEW 2021 formatrt.htmlor earlier with a Linux RT 21.0 target. This workflow still needs Silverlight, requiring you to install the optional NI Web-Based Configuration and Monitoring 20.5 utility on the RT target.


LabVIEW FPGA Compile Farm Toolkit 21.0

LabVIEW FPGA Compile Farm Toolkit 21.0 no longer requires Silverlight for the Web-Based Compile Farm Console.


Web Services in LabVIEW 2021 SP1

As of LabVIEW 2021 SP1, Silverlight is no longer required to access and manage deployed LabVIEW Web Services. If your web services are deployed to a Linux Real-Time device, you must have NI Linux Real-Time System Image version 21.5 or higher on the device to ensure you no longer need Silverlight in this workflow.

The NI Linux RT System Image 21.5 supports a Silverlight free workflow for accessing and managing Web Services deployed from LabVIEW 2019 and higher.


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