NI OPC Server Licensing


NI OPC Servers is individually licensed and is not part of the LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control (DSC) Module or NI Software Suites. When you install the DSC Module, NI OPC Servers is installed by default with a temporary license for a two-hour evaluation period.

NI OPC Servers is available for download online or on NI Package Manager.

NoteNI LabVIEW OPC UA Toolkit is a separate product, and its serial number does not activate NI OPC Servers. 


NI OPC Servers Licensing and Activation

  • If your system's PLCs fall into multiple categories on this page, you will need to purchase a license for NI OPC Servers (Unlimited drivers). To purchase a license, contact NI Sales.
  • The license for NI OPC Servers is not part of SSP, and does not require an annual subscription to operate.
  • NI OPC Servers 2012 and later use a different licensing scheme than previous versions of the NI OPC Servers. Because of that, you cannot use your NI OPC Servers 2012 and later serial number to activate an earlier version of NI OPC Servers or vice versa. If you are wanting to migrate to OPC Server 2012 or later, you will need to acquire a new license.
  • You can check the activation state of NI OPC Servers in NI License Manager (Start>>Programs>>National Instruments>>NI License Manager). 
  • If you wish to upgrade your license, you will need to buy each upgrade separately. 

Note: there is no run-time version of NI OPC Servers. While some of NI's products have a trimmed-down license available for deployment systems, every system that runs this software must have its own full license.

Expected Behavior of NI OPC Servers

NI OPC Servers - Unlicensed and Evaluation Mode

  • No change in behavior between OPC Servers in evaluation and unlicensed modes
  • Sine demo driver will not timeout
  • Any other driver will timeout after 2 hours*
  • Quick Client will auto shutdown after 2 hours*
  • Use of OPC I/O Server in DSC is not affected by the activation state of NI OPC Servers

Note: The 2 hours refer to the time that has elapsed since the OPC Servers' service started.

NI OPC Servers 2012 or later - Licensed and Activated

There are two licensing options for NI OPC Servers 2012 or later:

  • NI OPC Servers (1 driver): can connect to one driver at a time
  • NI OPC Servers (unlimited drivers): can connect to an unlimited number of drivers simultaneously
  • Quick Client will auto shutdown after 2 hours
  • Use of OPC I/O Server in DSC is not affected by activation state of NI OPC Servers

For more details see: 1 Simultaneous vs. Unlimited Simultaneous Driver Licenses for NI-OPC Servers

NI OPC Servers (2010 and earlier) - Licensed and Activated 

  • Setups using two or less drivers will not timeout
  • Setups using more than two drivers will timeout after 2 hours
  • Quick Client will auto shutdown after 2 hours
  • Use of OPC I/O Server in DSC is not affected by the activation state of NI OPC Servers
  • When used with LabVIEW 2009 or previous, drivers appear in Demo mode in the OPC Servers about box.  This is a known issue and has been reported to R&D as Corrective Action Request (CAR) #184623. 

In NI OPC Servers, go to Help»About, then select Versions to open the Version Information Window. The screenshot below show the expected appearance for both unlicensed and licensed mode. Even though the drivers are listed as Demo, they will not timeout.


Additional Information

In addition, connection to NI OPC Servers can only be made by the following clients:

  • OPC Client I/O Server (requires LabVIEW DSC Module)
  • LabVIEW DataSockets
  • NI Lookout (Legacy)
  • NI OPC Quick Client

Note: Versions of LabVIEW DSC and Lookout released prior to LabVIEW DSC 2011 SP1 and Lookout 6.6 cannot connect to NI OPC Servers 2012
Note: NI OPC Servers is only compatible with LabVIEW DSC 2013-2015 SP1 and Lookout 6.6.

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