SCXI-1346 and SCXI-1349 Breakout Pin Translations for M Series and X Series


This article explains how the pins from a 68-pin NI 62xx M Series or NI 63xx X Series Multifunction Data Acquisition (DAQ) Board translate to the 50-pin breakout connector on the SCXI-1346 and SCXI-1349

NI 62xx M Series and NI 63xx X Series Breakout Pin Translations for the SCXI-1349 and SCXI-1346

68-pin M/X-Series Line Name68-pin M/X-Series Pin Number50-pin Breakout Connector Pin Number
AIGND24, 27, 29, 32, 56, 59, 64, 671, 2
AI 0683
AI 8344
AI 1335
AI 9666
AI 2657
AI 10318
AI 3309
AI 116310
AI 42811
AI 126112
AI 56013
AI 132614
AI 62515
AI 145816
AI 75717
AI 152318
AO 02220
AO 12121
APFI 02022
PFI 15/P2.739*33, 24*
DGND4, 7, 9, 12, 13, 15, 18, 35, 36, 44, 50, 5333, 24*
PFI 11/P2.34636
PFI 10/P2.24537
PFI 0/P1.01138
PFI 1/P1.11039
PFI 2/P1.24340
PFI 3/P1.34241
PFI 4/P1.44142
PFI 13/P2.54043
PFI 5/P1.5644
PFI 6/P1.6545
PFI 7/P1.73846
PFI 8/P2.03747
PFI 9/P2.1348
PFI 12/P2.4249
PFI 14/P2.6150


*For M Series and X Series boards PFI 15 (P2.7) can no longer be used as a digital line.  It is tied to digital ground inside the SCXI-1349 module.  This occurred a result of the differences between E and M series pinouts.

**These digital resources are used automatically by DAQmx when the DAQ card is controlling an SCXI Chassis. P0.4 is always high when connected to a SCXI-1349

Note: The breakout connector on the SCXI-1346 and SCXI-1349 is only intended for use with the SCXI-1180 Feedthrough Panel


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