NI TBX-50 and NI TBX-50B Documentation


This article explains the key differences between the discontinued TBX-50 and its replacement, the TBX-50B. It also provides a link to documentation for the TBX-50B.

Due to a supply shortage, NI discontinued the NI TBX-50 (P/N: 779305-01) and replaced it with a similar screw terminal accessory, the NI TBX-50B (P/N: 782866-01). The original "Read Me First NI TBX-50" documentation was incorrectly removed in the driver after the transition to the new product.

More information on the TBX-50B can be found in the Read Me First article.

The table below shows the detailed difference between the old and new accessories.

Differences between TBX-50 and TBX-50B
NI Part Number779305-01782866-01
Max Voltage (V)125150
Max Current (UL Recognition, A)2.52.5
Length (mm)7198.2
Width (mm)8669
# of Positions5050
Connector Type50-Pin D-Sub, Male50-Pin D-Sub, Male
Mounting MethodDIN RailDIN Rail


The image below shows the differences in physical appearance between the terminal blocks.

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