CompactDAQ XNET Cable Accessories


Use this guide to select the correct XNET cable for your CompactDAQ Controller and Chassis. Whether you are creating a new configuration, replacing or expanding your current CompactDAQ System, or verifying that existing parts can be used in a different configuration, this guide will help.

This page is part of the CompactDAQ System Accessory Compatibility Guide.


Using this CompactDAQ System Accessory Guide

This guide is intended to NI-XNET cables for use with your CompactDAQ Controller and CompactDAQ Chassis. It does not explicitly cover other NI product families such as CompactRIO System or C Series Module. It also does not cover legacy or End of Life (EOL) parts or products. 

Note: Using the page search functionality in your browser to locate your model may speed up this process. This is typically CTRL+F on Windows or ⌘+F on MacOS.

NI-XNET Cable Accessory Compatibility Tables 

Note: N/A = Not Applicable
Note: P/N = Part Number

 Accessories for C Series Module with D-Sub connection

ControllerNI-XNET LIN Transceiver Cable1  NI-XNET CAN Transceiver Cable1


TRC-8546 P/N: 783702-02 (0.45 m)


TRC-8542 P/N: 783699-02 (0.45 m)

TRC-8543 P/N: 783701-02 (0.45 m)

1LIN transceiver cable P/N: 783702-011 (0.45 m) and CAN HS/FD transceiver cable P/N: 783699-011 (0.45 m) can be used with the cDAQ-9134/9135 controllers, as listed in the NI cDAQ-9132/9133/9134/9135/9136/9137 User Manual, but are not recommended for new designs.

Ordering Information 

For more information on any of the listed NI orderable parts, please visit to contact an NI representative. Most NI orderable parts listed in this guide without a product page can still be purchased by contacting NI.

Glossary of Terms Used

  • NI-XNET CAN/LIN Tranceiver Cables, Type-A - Swappable Transceiver Cables With 9-Pin D-SUB Male Connector. 

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