Read in CAN, LIN, and FlexRay Data


The DIAdem Bus Log Converter

Use the DIAdem Bus Log Converter to convert logfiles from CAN, LIN, and FlexRay buses into the TDM data format. The CAN bus (Controller Area Network), the LIN bus (Local Interconnect Network), and the FlexRay field bus systems are used for the communication of intelligent sensors and actuators in vehicles.

The TDM (Technical Data Management) file format is a structured format that is ideal for storing and evaluating technical data. The format was designed for the acquisition and management of all data and additional information relating to a measurement or a simulation. The TDM format ensures that the data is accessible at any time and is self-explanatory. The format also enables you to save additional information that later helps to reconstruct the conditions under which the data was generated. This additional information makes TDM files ideal for data mining and data research, and for reliable interpretation even after long periods of archiving. With the TDM format you also can load and process very large amounts of data very quickly.

The data packets that are transported on the bus are logged in the Bus logfiles. To interpret the contents of a signal description data packet, the converter needs more descriptive information from a Bus database file. This means that apart from the logfiles with the data packets, the associated Bus database files are also required. For the conversion you must specify with which signal description database file DIAdem evaluates the respective logfile. You can specify this information in a dialog box or you can use a script.

The Bus Log Converter supports the following logfile formats:


DIAdem Bus Log Converter Supported Logfile FormatsFile ExtensionsDescription
NI XNET*.TDMSNI Universal Network Platform format
NI CAN*.NCLUniversal NI CAN Log format
GIN Multilogger*CAN logfile, generated by G.I.N. (Gesellschaft für Industrielle Netzwerke) CAN hardware
Vector BLF (Binary Log Format)*.BLFCAN logfile, generated by Vector hardware
Vector LOG*.LOG; *.MDF; *.MF4CAN logfiles, generated by Vector hardware
Vector ASCII*.ASCCAN logfile, generated by Vector hardware
Ipetronik M-LOG / S-LOG*.BINLogfile generated by Ipetronik CAN hardware
PCAN Trace*.TRCLogfile generated by PEAK System CAN hardware
KVASER LOG*.LOGLogfile generated by KVASER CAN hardware
IOSiX IOS*.IOSLogfile generated by IOSiX hardware

Bus Log Converter Supported Database Formats

  • Vector CAN database (Files with *.dbc extension.)
  • NI CAN database (Files with *.ncd extension.)
  • Fibex database (Files with *.xml extension.)
  • LIN signal description (Files with*.ldf extension.)
  • AUTOSAR database files (*.arxml).

Note: AUTOSAR database file DIAdem supports CAN and CAN-FD formats but not LIN and FLEXRAY formats.

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