Archived: Traditional NI-DAQ and DAQmx Driver Support: Legacy Portable Devices

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The following table lists the latest supported DAQ driver for various National Instruments Legacy DAQCards, IEEE Firewire, Parallel and USB data acquisition devices. The table also shows which driver can be used with Windows, Linux, Real-Time or Mac OS X.

Note: This page is primarily about NI-DAQ also known as Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy). NI-DAQmx replaced Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) in 2003. NI strongly recommends using NI-DAQmx for new designs and migrating existing Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) applications to NI-DAQmx. Please review the Getting Started with NI-DAQmx guide for more information on migration.


Table Key  

BDevice works with NI-DAQmx Base
TDevice works with Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy)
mxDevice works with NI-DAQmx
NSDevice works with NI-Switch
XNot Supported
*AI only


Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) or NI-DAQmx Device or Module Support for Windows, LabVIEW RT, Linux and Mac OS

DeviceWindowsLabVIEW RTLinuxMac OS
Legacy DAQCardsVista x64Vista x86XP2000NT 298/Me95Pharlap4Linux3OS X
NI DAQCard-500XX6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3TXXX
NI DAQCard-516XX6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3TXXX
NI DAQCard-700XX6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3TXXX
NI DAQCard-1200XX6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3TXXX
NI DAQCard-4350XX7.4.4T7.4.4T7.4T7.1T6.9.3TXXX
NI 6012E (DAQCard-AI- 16XE-50)XX7.4.4T7.4.4T7.4T7.1T6.9.3TXXX
NI 6041E (DAQCard-AI- 16E-4)XX7.4.4T7.4.4T7.4T7.1T6.9.3TXXX
NI DAQCard-6533XX7.4.4T7.4.4T7.4T7.1T6.9.3TXXX
NI DAQCard-AO- 2DCXX6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3TXXX
Legacy IEEE 1394 DevicesVista x64Vista x86XP2000NT 298/Me95Pharlap4Linux3OS X
NI DAQPad-6052EXX7.4.4T7.4.4TX7.1TXXXX
NI DAQPad-6070EXX7.4.4T7.4.4TX7.1TXXXX
NI DAQPad-6533XX7.4.4T7.4.4TX7.1TXXXX
Legacy Parallel Port DevicesVista x64Vista x86XP2000NT 298/Me95Pharlap4Linux3OS X
NI DAQPad-1200XX6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3TXXX
NI DAQPad-6011E (DAQPad-MIO- 16XE-50)XXX6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3T6.9.3TXXX
Legacy USB DevicesVista x64Vista x86XP2000NT 298/Me95Pharlap4Linux3OS X
NI DAQPad-4350XX7.4.4T7.4.4TX7.1TXXXX
NI DAQPad-6015XX9.6mx9.6mxXXXXXX
NI DAQPad-6016XX9.6mx9.6mxXXXXXX
NI DAQPad-6020EXX7.4.4T7.4.4TX7.1TXXXX
NI DAQPad-6507XX7.4.4T7.4.4TX7.1TXXXX
NI DAQPad-6508XX7.4.4T7.4.4TX7.1TXXXX

Usage Notes

1. PCI, PXI, PCIe and PXIe - Devices listed by NI [Family Number] are available in both PCI and PXI Bus architectures. Devices listed with NI PXI- or NI PCI- before the number are available in that specific Bus architecture only. For Example, the Counter/Timers listing for the NI PCI-6601, NI 6602, NI 6608 indicates the NI 6601 is only available for the PCI Bus but the NI 6602 and NI 6608 are available for both the PCI and PXI Bus architectures.  PXIe and PCIe devices are always listed separately.

2. NI-DAQ 6.9.3 or Earlier requires NT Service Pack 4 or greater. NI-DAQ 7.x (Traditional and mx) requires NT Service Pack 6 or greater.

3. For information on supported Linux distributions, visit /linux/support.htm#1 or see the driver readme file.

4. The host system must also support the version of NI-DAQ listed. NI-DAQmx for LabVIEW RT is only supported on Pharlap RT Systems with LabVIEW RT installed


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