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NI-KAL interfaces between the Linux kernel and the NI drivers or software installed on your machine. This interface allows NI software to function with multiple versions of the Linux kernel by compiling the driver against the Linux kernel when it is installed. The following table outlines which version(s) of NI-KAL have been validated with which Linux distributions.

Note: Beginning in 2018, NI Linux Device Drivers provides NI-KAL automatically, and there is no need to install or configure the driver interface manually.

Linux DistributionNI-KAL Version
CentOS 7       
OpenSUSE 11.2       
OpenSUSE 11.3       
OpenSUSE 11.4       
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop + Workstation 5    
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop + Workstation 6 
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 4         
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 7      
Scientific Linux 5     
Scientific Linux 6  


The NI-KAL Driver can be found by navigating to and searching for the NI-KAL driver.


In the Downloads section at the bottom of this page, you can download a copy of this table, which may include older software versions.


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