Archived: Devices and Modules No Longer Supported in NI-DAQmx

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This article consolidates device and module model compatibility support that has been dropped in recent (17.5 and later) NI-DAQmx releases. Using these devices with NI-DAQmx in unsupported versions will result in devices that are missing or fail to show up in Windows Device Manager or NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX). LabVIEW or other environments calling these modules will report errors if updated to these versions of NI-DAQmx.


Reference the information on the NI Hardware and Operating System Compatibility page to ensure your selected hardware and driver combination is supported on your desired operating system.


Devices and Modules That are No Longer Supported in NI-DAQmx

Last Supported in NI-DAQmx Version for DAQ Devices and Modules
Device or ModuleLast Supported in NI-DAQmx Version
NI 60xxE (see last supported readme for full list)NI-DAQmx 19.0
cDAQ-9139NI-DAQmx 18.6
cDAQ-9138NI-DAQmx 18.6
NI 9233NI-DAQmx 17.5
cDAQ-9172NI-DAQmx 17.5
WLS-9163NI-DAQmx 17.5
ENET-9163NI-DAQmx 17.5

To Check NI-DAQmx Compatibility with Your Device or Module

The NI-DAQmx readme contains the most up to date information for device and module compatibility with each version. You can find some NI-DAQmx readmes in Release Notes, and the rest can be accessed through NI Downloads for NI-DAQmx. Click here for more information on where to find your readme, which also contains other information like Operating System (OS) support, Application Development Environment (ADE) support, known issues, and bug fixes.

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