CompactRIO Device Drivers October 2019 (19.5) Bug Fixes


The following items are a subset of issues fixed in NI CompactRIO Device Drivers October 2019 (19.5). These items have been resolved since CompactRIO Device Drivers June 2019 (19.1) was released. If you have an issue ID, you can search this list to validate that the issue has been fixed in NI CompactRIO Device Drivers October 2019 (19.5).
IDFixed Issue


When attempting to export a module using the MDK Utility, the export fails with error code 8 (file permission error). This occurs because the files produced by the previous export in the same version of LabVIEW are set to read-only permission.


When adding a RIO Mezzanine Card (RMC) to an sbRIO in the LabVIEW project, it is given the name "RMC" without any information on the specific RMC number.


When programming the NI 9262 in Calibrated mode using an FPGA I/O Node to set channel output values, any channels that are not included in the node are overwritten and set to output zero volts. This issue manifests itself when multiple FPGA I/O Nodes are used in a LabVIEW FPGA program, and will cause channels that were previously outputting non-zero values to be reset to zero. The issue does not affect users that are programming the module in Raw mode or with User-Controlled I/O Sampling.


The NI 9212 Getting Started example returns incorrect temperatures when using the NI 9212 in Raw mode. This does not occur if the NI 9212 is in Calibrated mode. 


When using multiple, parallel FPGA I/O Nodes with the NI 9262, the output values do not get updated from the first written output value. If the first written value is non-zero, this can cause the module to be unable to return to zero volt output.


When utilizing the NI-9208 module in DAQmx programming mode in a cRIO-9047, the shared variables that are used to capture and display the acquired data from this module do not work properly when a Real-Time executable is built, deployed, and set to run as startup on the cRIO. When trying to achieve this task, the deployment completes with no issues but the shared variables do not update their values accordingly. However, if the application is executed directly from LabVIEW the shared variables work as expected. 


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